Surviv io

Survival games have become quite popular lately. Most players play and love the game in this category. The games that cause this and start this trend are big games like Pubg and Fortnite. In line with this trend, however, the best games for players continue to be added to IO games every day. The main goal of these games is to fight with your opponents in the same area and be the last survivor. You can be the first by using your creativity and making beautiful plans. is one of the games that show up in this category. First of all, you can not come to anything on a world map. All you have to do is find building materials and weapons to help you in this battle. You can build shelters to protect you from your competitors by using building materials and creativity. This way you play a more strategic game. You must use the weapons you find to kill your opponents. You must be the last person alive this way. Another rule you should know is the constant contraction of the arena. As the number of players decreases, you should be very careful about this feature, which means keeping the distance to each other constantly. If you are not in the apartment on the map, you will die quickly and be removed from the game. The game is offered as a multiplayer. You can also join team battles if you want. By creating a room with your teammates, you can team up on the same server and fight together against your opponents. Be a part of this relentless struggle and join the war.