Adam And Eve GO

Many new-generation platform games have been introduced recently. Mario-like games have attracted the attention of the players and gained the acclaim of the players. This is Adam and Eve: Go, one of them with a long series of games. There are many different features in this fun game prepared for you. First of all, the game mechanics are quite simple. Your main objective in the game is to reach the character Eve by overcoming obstacles on the map. There will be many obstacles in your way. But that is not the hurdle to challenge. They're all simple but cleverly designed obstacles and we're sure you'll enjoy solving them. You also need to collect the keys to open the doors on the road. These keys may have been scattered in hidden places on the map. Or you can earn these keys by doing the task. The game wants to give you these tasks in a fun way. The Neanderthals that come before you want some of your stuff. You must take these items from places hidden on the map to the caveman who assigned them the task. In this way, you will be given the keys to the locked doors and you will be able to finish the chapter. You will also be greeted with a map of chapters in the startup menu. A theme has been set for each episode, and you can repeat the episodes you select from here. If you want to earn points while finishing the game, you must collect fruit. Your character likes to eat fruit and many fruits have fallen to the ground on the road. You can increase the Points you earn at the end of the chapter by collecting fruits such as pears, apples, bananas. You must play this fun game in ancient times before it is too late. 
The questions you frequently ask are as follows::
Can it be played in multiplayer?
* The game cannot be played in multiplayer at this time.
* Advanced versions may come with this feature.
Are there only two characters in the game?
* No many Quest characters present in the game.