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Aquapark IO


What if you combine racing game and aquapark together? is a unique aquapark racing game. Slide down from the waterpark slide with other online players. Race against them and be the first one who reaches to the pool. Slide on the huge water slides with other online players. You can push other players out of the line, or they can push you out of the line. Also, you can fly over the track when you want to. But you have to land on the track again or jump into the pool. Otherwise, you die. Reach to the pool first and get the winner price. You can collect coins for new costumes.


How to play


Steer your character while sliding down automatically. Stay on the fast line and push other players out of the water slide. Dodge the obstacles and other players. You can fly over the water slide. Steer your character while flying and land on the water slide again. You can jump into the pool, but it is not that easy if you are far away from the pool. But if you hit the target, you get the first position. Get money and unlock new characters.


Jumping out of the water slide


This is an easy way to win the game. In the beginning of the game, we don’t suggest jumping out of the water slide. While flying, it is hard to calculate where to land. Also, you can’t land somewhere you can’t see. Be patient and wait for the right time. Sometimes jumping out give you the first position.


Games like is a unique game. But you can play new release from Voodoo, 2 similar to the first game but better. New maps, new costumes and more. If you like runner racing games like this game, you can play by Voodoo. Mobile


You can play this game on your Android device.




Can we play on the same game with my friends?


Every game starts with random online players. It is a very low chance.


Is safe to play?


Yes, it is. There is no violence in the game. Slide on water slides and try to reach the pool first. Everybody loves aquaparks.



A key or left arrow to left

D key or right arrow to right

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