You may have played before we are here with a game similar to his game. If you like water slides and pools, I'm sure you'll love this game. You'll see a lot of characters in the game sliding down a long water slide. It seems that this pleasant and entertaining journey will be a bit harsh. Your main objective will be to finish the race in the lead. There are also tactics you can make in this race. If you're too close to your opponent, I suggest you stay behind him. Because when you hit him, you'll lose speed and you'll be close to being eliminated from the race. When you're eliminated, you have to start the game again. If you have accelerated enough, you can fly off the slide using the edge of the slide and move to a more prominent position. You can also hit your opponent horizontally while going fast and throw him off the slide. The game is presented to you in multiplayer. So you'll be competing against Real players who connect from different parts of the world, play online and simultaneously. With these features in mind, I can say that fun and contentious 3D game awaits you. Let your friends know and join this adventure before you're late.
The questions you frequently ask are as follows: is it multiplayer?
* Yeah. You can play the game in multiplayer. Also, remember that you have the chance to play with your friends.
How can I use the bonus features in the game?
* To use the bonus features on your way, you will only need to buy them. You don't have to press any key to use it.