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Basketball Legend


Basketball Legend


In the crazy world of the Basketball Legends, are you ready to slam dunk? Join all famous basketball players and reach victory with them. If you don’t feel ready, try training mode. You can play with James Harden, Luka Doncic, LeBron James and more. Join the tournament and win all the cups. Perform various combos, go through players and dunk. If you are talented enough, score 3 pointers to win. Challenge other legends and win the cup. You can play with your friends on multiplayer mode. Choose your legends team and challenge with your friends.


How to play


Single Player


Start the game and choose your legends team. Until tournament ends, you can’t change your team. Encounter legends and defeat them. Win every single match and win the cup. Be careful, when you are closer to the final match, game gets harder.




In this mode, there is only one match. Winner gets everything. Pick your legends team, beat your friend, shoot 3 points, and win the game. Also, you can play against computer. Unite with your friend, choose your team and beat the computer.




If you don’t feel ready or you couldn’t get used to the controls, training is a great option for you. Train until you feel ready and face the legends.




Do I have to unlock other teams to play?


No. Every team is ready for you. Just pick which one you want to play and start the game.


Is Basketball Legends 2020 safe to play?


Basketball Legends 2020 is a basketball game. Sport is so healthy and there is no violence or abuse in the game. This game is encouraging to basketball. That means you can play safely and share it to your friends.


Can I play online?


There is no online game mode in game but you can play multiplayer mode on split screen. If it’s a large group of friends, you can make a tournament.


Basketball Legends 2020 mobile


You can play this game on your mobile device or browser.


First Player

  • A key to go left
  • D key to go right
  • W key to jump
  • S key to block
  • A + A or D + D to dash
  • Z to super shot


Second Player

  • Left Arrow key to left.
  • Right Arrow key to right.
  • Up Arrow key to jump
  • Down Arrow key to block
  • Right + Right or Left + Left Arrow to dash
  • K to super shot

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