The new generation of games that have shown itself recently continues to be added every day. These games are prepared for you to show itself in each category can step forward. The new generation of shooting games has attracted a lot of attention. Among these games, Deul is one of the games that will create an almost addictive. This game is quite simple, simple and easy to learn as a game comes across. With these features, Deul managed to attract the attention of the players at first, has gained a very popular place among shooting games in a short time. What you have to do is a duel. You have to have a duel, like in a cowboy movie. If you shoot without touching the opponent's weapon, you lose and the game is over. Or if the opponent is going to give you a gift to declare your love and you shoot at him, the game is over and you have to start over. You must be very careful about these reasons. Your timing and your eyes should be perfect. Also, if you are bad at shooting and miss your opponent, the game is over and you have to start again. Every time you pass through the game, your opponents will get harder and try to kill you. In the main menu of the game, you can turn around and enter the course where the bottles are thrown to practice. That way you can have fun and practice. As there are many violent elements in the game, it is inconvenient for players under the age of 17 to play. Join this relentless struggle in no time.
The questions you frequently ask are as follows:
Can we switch weapons in the game?
* No. You will need to use the weapon you were given at the beginning of the game.
Can the game be played in multiplayer?
* Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer option available in this version of the game.