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Create Your Own Tactics with Strategy Games

A new game is added to the game world every day. One of the most favorite categories of players is strategy games. Strategy games are generally divided into two as defense or attack. Chess is one of the oldest known strategy games. The game has rules and you have to create your own strategy by adhering to these rules. For example, the Bloons Tower Defense game series is a pretty good strategy game. You need to protect your own territory and create a strategy. Graphics do not stand out in these games. Although nice graphics are used in general, the important thing is the rules of the game. Sometimes you have a certain time, sometimes you have a limited number of weapons. You must follow these rules and create the best strategy.

What Are The Most Played Strategy Games?

  • Baloons Tower Defense 5
  • Draw Attack
  • Fireboy and Watergirl 3
  • Clash of Goblins
  • Knights of Fortune
  • Master Chess Multiplayer
  • Battleship War
  • Heroes of Myths
  • Clash of Tanks
  • Tower Defense
  • Swords and Sandals 2
  • Nova Defender

Can Strategy Games Be Played in Multiplayer?

Of course it's playable. With multiplayer strategy games, you can play with players from different parts of the world. Not all strategy games contain battle scenes. For example, with the Master Chess Multiplayer game, you can play a strategy game without battle scenes. Moreover, as a multiplayer. You can create your strategy against random opponents and play a pleasant board game.

Can Strategy Games Be Played in Schools?

Many strategy games do not contain violent images. For this reason, it is quite safe to play in schools. There are many strategy games with simple and beautiful graphics. You can have a pleasant time at your school by playing these games with your friends or by yourself. You can create your own tactics by playing two player strategy games or multiplayer strategy games.

Can Strategy Games Be Played on Mobile Platforms?

With the developing game technology today, many games have become playable on mobile platforms. For example, you can play games on your phones or tablets. This makes the players very happy. Because you can play games wherever or whenever you want. Strategy games that can be played on mobile platforms:

1. Super Dino Fighter

2. Master Chess Multiplayer

3. Tower Defense


5. Medieval Defense Z

6. Battleship War

7. Toy Defense

8. Battle Robot: Wolf Age

How to Play Strategy Games?

The main purpose of strategy games is to create a strategy for yourself by adhering to the game rules. If you create a better tactic than your opponent, you will win. These games are also very easy to play. You can usually play using only your mouse. The important thing is the rules of the game. Because what will win you the game is not dexterity, but the strategy you create. Build your best strategy and step into this competitive world.