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Castel Wars


Castel Wars


Are you ready for a challenge with your friend? Grab your sword and go to the battle castle. With various swords and bows, develop different tactics and attack and get rid of your opponent. Grab skills that dropping out of the sky. Use the changeable castle environment to attack or ambush your opponent. 1v1 is boring? Challenge to kill all creatures on other game mode. Who kills more creature and survives, wins. But be careful while killing the creatures and don’t die before your opponent does.


How to play

Start the game and choose the challenge mode. In 1v1 mode, level, weather and time is customizable. Choose the best choices and start the battle. Before time ends, try to get highest point and win the match.  At creature mode, level and difficult is customizable too. Kill creatures and don’t let them kill you. Get a better point than your enemy.



  • 4 maps options.
  • Weather is changeable to Winter or Summer.
  • Various swords and bows.
  • Versus creatures mod


Tactics and tips

  • Can create bricks with S and Down Arrow.
  • Hold down the attack button for one-shot. Don’t miss.
  • Use the environment beneficially.


Castel Wars Mobile

Castel Wars is not prepared for mobile.


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Castel Wars is a retro pixel two player game. You can play one of the most popular games of this category, Gun Mayhem by the Armor Games.



WASD for player 1

Arrow Keys for player 2

E to shoot for player 1

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