Dead Paradise 3

It's a great game for the players who produce beautiful games every day. Action games are a category in which games can be produced in any subject. And many games are similar. Action games that are originally prepared and have a story are more liked by players. Dead Paradise 3 is one of these games. In an alien-occupied world, we have a sanctuary to deliver important documents to. We have been assigned the task of protecting a van that leads to this bunker. We have a tank, and we have to blow up any enemy that gets in our way. We will fight against car spies, enemy tanks and enemy cars and protect the van. You have to use bombs and machine guns to do that. We will win gold at the end of each episode in this game, which we will embark on quite a moving adventure. With the gold we've earned, we can buy new vehicles, tanks and weapons. You will choose a tank at the beginning of each section and you have the option to use a different vehicle in each section. Help humanity and save the world in the war against aliens with this unique adventure. 
Frequently asked questions are as follows:
Are there any other games in Dead Paradise 3?
* Yeah. A 3-game series, this game is the 3rd of the series. Game. There are 2 different games of the same name. I suggest you try these games.
Can Dead Paradise 3 be played in multiplayer?
* Unfortunately, no such feature is available in the current version of the game.

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