Defend Home

Strategy and defence games are very popular among players. The main goal of the Games is to defend a given area or a structure to achieve a victory against the enemy. One of the best-known examples of these games is the Bloons Tower Defense series. Many games similar to this series are introduced with players. Now we're up against the Defense Home game. You have to protect your own home in the game. In doing so, you must use your troops and kill enemy soldiers by placing them in strategic positions. The more you kill, the more you earn points and money. You can use them to recruit new soldiers and build a stronger defence by increasing the levels of soldiers at your disposal. Using the features and capabilities in the market, you can destroy the enemy wave in less time. If enemies get to your house, they start damaging the house and eventually destroy it. If your house is destroyed, the game is over and you have to start over. You have to set your own strategy and place the Archers in different places. You join a game which is one of our favourites among defence games and defend your house in this adventure partner.
The questions you frequently ask are as follows:
Can I use different soldiers in Defend Home?
    *Yeah. In this game, there are many different soldiers that you can buy from the store or use by improving your existing soldiers.
Can Defense Home be played in multiplayer?
    *Unfortunately, there is no such feature in the current version of the game.

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