Dig it

Recently, some players have started to prefer calm, action-free, and adventure-free games. The reason they prefer them is that these kinds of games can be seen as making them think while entertaining. Dig it is one of the games in the category of intelligence and puzzle games, which is a pretty good example of the game. In the game, you will meet a unique world with colourful graphics and simple design. You'll also be able to think about having fun with this game. The game consists of a platform set between coloured sands. And you are given the power to destroy the sand. Using your mouse, you must destroy the sand and drop the coloured balls at the top into the black hole that is the finish line. Besides, you have tasks to do while doing this. You must open your way towards the pink crystals and collect these crystals. The more crystals you collect, the more points you'll earn. You can see an increase in the number of balls as the level increases in the game. The reason is to increase the difficulty of the game a bit more. At the end of the game, you will earn stars based on the number of balls awarded to you. I suggest you get the most balls to the finish line. There are traps on the road that will block you. Examples of these are coloured spines or large rocks. You shouldn't get stuck in these obstacles so you don't blow up the balls. You have to use your intelligence to get around them and finish the chapter. The game is presented in a very colourful format and this is a very good feature for the players. Players of all ages can play the game as there are no violent elements involved. You can have fun playing this game with your friends. Start playing before it's too late. Also, remember that you can play the game from mobile platforms and take the fun anywhere.  
The questions you frequently ask are as follows::
What category is the game played in?
* Puzzle games are playable in the category.
Can I get a hint in the game?
* No clues are found in the game.