Draw Tattoo

If you like to paint, I'll introduce you to a beautiful game. We've been seeing a lot of painting games lately. Some even Skribbl.io it can be like a contest. With each passing day, a new one has been added to these games, we have come across a different and original picture-making game, Draw Tattoo. Tattooing is pretty hard work. If you want to tattoo like a master tattooist, I'm sure you'll love this game. The game is quite simple and easy to learn. You have your own tattoo shop. The customers who come here show you the tattoos they asked you to draw. You have a tattoo pen with 3 different thick tips. You should make the tattoo that the customer wants from you by paying attention to the colours that the customer wants from you and also by adjusting the tips of the tattoo pen well. After you do, you get points based on the customer's rating and you get those points on the stars. If you get 3 stars, you've done a great job. If you have a lower star rating, you can compensate by taking care of your other customers. Take out your pencils and wait for the customers to arrive. Learn how to run a specialist tattoo shop.
The questions you frequently ask are as follows:
Can I draw any picture instead of the tattoo given in the Draw Tattoo game?
* Yes you can do this. But you will get a very low score because the customer will not like it. I suggest you draw the tattoo you were given.
Can I play Draw Tattoo on mobile platforms?
* Yeah. In this version of the game, such a feature is available. You can play the game anywhere and anytime.