Draw Climber

More creative games are being added to the next generation of games every day. Each added game has a unique style and design. But recently we've come across a very different game in the category of Platform and Arcade games. This game is called Draw Climber. You have a cube-shaped character who wants to move along a long and hurdling path. But no feet or arms. You're the one who's gonna help him. You should draw drawings in the designated area below the screen and draw a pair of feet and legs to your character that can cross obstacles. You can draw different feet and legs for each obstacle in this game where you have to be quite quick. You must draw the necessary feet for the walls you must climb and continue on your way. The game is divided into sections and different obstacles are waiting for you in each section. There is an acceleration enhancement that you will encounter while overcoming these obstacles. When you receive this feature, you will progress very quickly within a certain time. You must also collect the gold you will find on the way. You can open new characters for yourself from the main menu using them. We guarantee that you will enjoy using these characters, each of which is unique and colourful. Join you in the fast and fun world of this game, which will be almost addictive.
The questions you frequently ask are as follows:
Can Draw Climber be played in multiplayer?
* Unfortunately, no.
* This game can be played as a single player from mobile platforms. 
Is there anyone we race in the game?
* No. There is no one you compete within the game. 
* You must reach the finish line as soon as possible.