Dumb Ways To Die

This is a game that will bring a new trend to puzzle games. In this game, where being fast is paramount, you must understand what you need to do as soon as possible and realize it as soon as possible. It's a fun and exciting game with Dumb Ways to Die. In this game, we have a character who is blue and quite cute. Our character is a bit unlucky and constantly dodging the danger of death. Our goal is to protect our character from these unfortunate events. We have to do this very quickly because accidents happen very quickly. For example, you will protect our character from wild fish, protect it from meteorites, or give a quick stitch to his open wound. You have a very short period of time for all tasks. Also, remember that you have 3 lives. When these 3 lives are finished, the game ends completely and you have to start again. The first game of a 3-game series, Dumb Ways to Die, comes across as a game you will love. You can save the lives of our sympathetic and funny character countless times by participating in this fun. 
The questions you frequently ask are as follows:
How many games do the Dumb Ways To Die series consist of?
    *Is a series of 3 games with the same name.
Is there a feature in Dumb Ways to Die?
    *Unfortunately, no such feature exists.
    *You must be as fast as you can to achieve this.