Galactic Judge

We all love old arcade games. The games, especially space battles and space battles, were previously popular with the players. Games like this continue to appear today. One of them is the Galactic Judge. This game comes across as quite easy to learn. An arcade game where you can control it with just your mouse and experience a unique space adventure with 3D graphics. Your main objective in the game is to survive and kill any enemies you encounter. But before the enemies, you will encounter the celestial stones. You have to fire-blast asteroids lose in space. Every asteroid you blow up, a star will come out of it. You must collect these stars again by moving with the help of your mouse. The more stars you collect, the higher your end-of-Episode score. And don't forget the moving enemy spaceships you'll encounter. The firepower of these enemies is not very much, but I would say it is getting a little harder to hit because they are constantly moving. For every enemy you kill, you will earn a star again. As you move through the section, you will encounter a spaceship with larger and more powerful firepower than any other. Remember that you have an advantage in killing this powerful enemy. He's pretty slow and big. You can also kill this enemy by using them. Go as far as you can in space adventure and discover new stars, galaxies.
The questions you frequently ask are as follows:
Can Galactic Judge be played via mobile platforms?
* Unfortunately, no such feature exists at this time.
Can the Galactic Judge game be played in multiplayer?
* As with many arcade games, there is no multiplayer mode available. 
* But in the future, the two-player game mode may be released. If such an update occurs, you can access and play through our site.