Krunker io

Recently, action games and shooting games have combined to offer us a great FPS game feast. The best examples of these games are Cs-GO and Pubg. Many games are similar to those that enter the market by garnering great acclaim from the players and don't go out by entering the list of the most played games in a very short time. Many games are similar to these games, which have disadvantages such as they are especially heavy games and need to be installed on the computer to play. Graphics features and game mechanics, one of the games that are not missing at all this game promises to give you moments of action and excitement. There are many different modes of the game. Game modes such as Survival, Team Battles, and flag racing make a competitive world that blows the minds of the players. size presents. You can enter the game by choosing different weapons or you can get involved in crazy battles with different characters. Also, the game is multiplayer and offers the opportunity to play games simultaneously with real players who connect online from different parts of the world. You can create a room by calling your friends and fight relentless battles as a team or against each other on the same server. Players over the age of 16 are eligible to play as there are elements of violence involved. 
The questions you frequently ask are as follows: can I change weapons in your game?
* Sure. Weapons can be replaced by characters. 
* Your weapon changes automatically when you change your character. can I play your game with my friends?
* You can play with your friends on the same server by joining the same room.