Lucky Looter

Recently, some two-player theft games have been released and are highly appreciated by gamers. Games like this began to come out in succession. One of the games that came out was Lucky Looter. A fairly simple control mechanics in this game caught my attention. Simple and easy-to-learn game mechanics are used, stripped of complex game layouts. This allows you to play a very enjoyable and fluid game. Your goal is to break into a house and steal everything in the house. You come home in a car, and as soon as you get out of the car, the game starts. To put the stuff in your bag, all you have to do is walk past the stuff you want to steal. Our character automatically throws that item into his bag. As with every game, here are the factors that try to prevent you. One or more police can wait inside the House. You have to escape the light they're holding to avoid catching them. I also want to give you a hint. The cops can move in an area marked in pink and can't get out of it. If you play with this feature in mind you can go through more episodes. And you can break your record by reaching the advanced sections. Although you are doing something bad, I can say that you are waiting for a very fun game. You guys get into the dark of the night and are careful not to get caught.
The questions you frequently ask are as follows:
Is there a two-player game mode in Lucky Looter?
 Unfortunately, no. In this game, you must try not to get caught in the snap head. 
Where is the game played?
* You can guide your character with your mouse and keep it hidden.