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Madalin Stunt Cars 2


Welcome to the Madalin Stunt cars 2. In this crazy stunt car game, get ready for crazy moves. The game features world’s most expensive and powerful cars. Choose your car between 34 different powerful and speedy cars. Customize your ride how do you want. Select a city to race, drift or stunt. It’s a free roam stunt game but if you would like to drift, or race with friends you can play online. Create your own server and invite your friends. This multiplayer mode is a huge innovation for car stunt games. You can challenge your friends online on your server.


How to play?


Playing single player mode


Start the game. Look all the 34 different and beautiful cars and choose your favorite. Select a map and let the fun begin. Reach the top speed and jump off to the edges. Try different crazy things on platforms, fly far away and do not forget to use your nitro.


Playing multiplayer online mode


Select the multiplayer mode and enter the online. You will see different servers created by players. You can join one of the rooms or you can create your room and play with your friends. Perform your stunt car skills and race other players.




Can I crush my car?


You can’t crush your car. Cars are undestroyable. So, feel free to perform stunts and fly with your car.


Can I play Madalin Stunt Cars 2 with my friends?


Yes, you can play online. You just need to create your server and this so easy. Let’s party with friends and show them your stunt moves.


Can I upgrade my car?


You can’t upgrade your car, but you can customize color of your ride.




  • 34 different powerful cars
  • Multiplayer online game mode
  • 3 different maps and various stunt areas, ramps and loops
  • Best 3D graphics on your browser
  • Madalin Stunt Cars 2 mobile
  • There is no mobile version of the game, but you can play the game on your web browser at fullscreen.

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A and D keys to steer

W key to accelerate

Shift key to nitro

Space Key to brake

R key to reset car

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