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Merge Monster Pool




In the hot summer days, what could be better than a pool party? Join the little cute pool monsters in pool. All you have to do is let them into to pool. Hold your mouse or finger on screen and release them into the pool. Same monsters crafts with each other and becomes a bigger monster. Fill the pool with as many monsters as you can. Try to reach the greatest monster and get extra points.


How to play


Start the game and see the monster on the screen. Your main objective is filling the pool with as many monsters as you can. When you combine two same monsters, they get bigger and grants you extra points. Combine monsters and try to reach and pass your highest score. In this funny world of merging pool monsters, have fun!




Is Merge Monster Pool multiplayer?


No, it is not. But you can challenge your friends with high scores.


Is there any other controls or game modes in the game?


No there is no other game modes or controls in this game. The main feature of this game is being simple. Just release the monsters from the up of the pool and let them sink. When you combine monsters, they get bigger and gives more points.


Is it safe to play Merge Monster Pool?


Yes, it is safe to play. There is no violence or abuse in this game.


Merge Monsters Pool Mobile


You can play the game on your mobile device.


Mouse Click or Touch to drop monsters

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