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Moto X3M Bike Race


The Game That Will Make You Drive Crazy: Moto X3M


If you like crazy rides with driving games, this game can be addictive. Adventure awaits you with Moto X3M, which is very popular among motor games. Your goal in the game is to reach the finish line by riding a motorcycle. Of course, while doing this, you must avoid the obstacles on the platform. You should also pay attention to the time. Your time starts as soon as you start the game. Your time is unlimited but you have to finish the track as soon as possible. You have to keep your balance in the game. Your engine explodes when your engine turns over or if you fall off the engine. When you die, you respawn from the last checkpoint you passed. I'm sure you will feel the excitement with the crazy motor game Moto X3M.


How to Play Moto X3M?


First of all, I must say that the game is quite simple. The game mechanics are pretty fluid and easy to learn. When you enter the game, the section map will welcome you. You cannot open other chapters without going through the previous chapter. For this reason, you must finish the section you are in. The difficulty of the game will increase with each level you pass. I recommend that you be prepared for this. You should not get caught in the obstacles and traps on the track. You must drive the engine while maintaining your balance. If you fall off the engine, you go back to the Checkpoint. When you reach the checkpoints, the light at this point will turn green. In this way, you will be able to start over from the last checkpoint when you die. When you reach the finish line, you can move on to the new section. You can see the score you got at the end of the section. 3 stars means the highest score. You have to finish the chapters early to earn high scores. At the same time, you should try not to die. Every somersault in the air will shorten this time. For this reason, I suggest you do somersaults in the air. The more you do somersaults, the more points you will earn.




Is the Moto X3M Game Suitable for Playing in Schools?


The Moto X3M, which does not contain any violent elements, is suitable for playing in schools. Players of all ages can play. You can play together by inviting your friends. In this way, the game will be twice as fun.


Can I Use Different Engines in the Moto X3M Game?


Yes you can. There are 3 different engines in the game. You can unlock new engines by using the stars you earn from the chapters. In this way, you can use new engines. You will start using the engine you choose before starting the game.


Can the Moto X3M Game Be Played in Multiplayer?


Unfortunately, this game does not have such a feature. The multiplayer racing feature, which is included in many games, has not yet come to this game. Moto X3M is a single player driving game.


Can Moto X3M Game Be Played On Mobile Platforms?


Many of the new generation games can be played on phones and tablets. Moto X3M game is one of these games. For this reason, you can play this game using your phone or tablet.


  • Up arrow key makes the engine go forward
  • Down arrow key allows you to brake or back up
  • Right arrow key lets you tilt the engine forward
  • Left arrow key lets you tilt the engine backwards

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