Music Rush

Every day we see the difference in arcade games. Some of them we like and we start playing, some of them we don't like. The original arcade games are quite interesting. The game is similar to these games and we think Slope Game has many similar features with the game music Rush. The main topic in this game comes across as music. We have a ball that travels along a long colourful and technological path with fun and disparate music. This cute character gets a lot of different coloured balls in front of him. The point you need to pay attention to is to get balls of the same colour as the character and continue on your way in that way. At the colour change points on the path, your character will change colour and change to a new colour. You have to take balls that are the same colour as the character because the same rules are going on and you have to keep going your way that way. You can also increase your end-of-Episode score by capturing bonus prizes. I suggest you enjoy the road by listening to the delightful music you are listening to. Have fun!
The questions you frequently ask are as follows:
Can I change the music in music Rush?
* Unfortunately, no such feature exists. You can listen to music selected separately for each episode, but you cannot change them. 
Is music Rush game different games with Slope Game?
* Yeah. The two come across as different games.
* Music Rush game is a more colourful game subject to the theme of music can say.

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