Neon Blaster 2

New Arcade games are being added every day. They are more colourful and more original. Recently released the most equipped arcade series 2. This is Neon Blaster 2. The game is very simple and easy to learn. You have a laser ball in the game. You use your mouse to shoot and point your gun. You'll see balls falling from above to below. These cannons are your enemies. You have to shoot each one-off. You'll notice that these enemies have numbers on them. These numbers are their defence system levels. The enemy, whose number is higher, dies harder than the others and explodes. You earn money at the end of each episode in Neon Blaster 2, which becomes more difficult as the episode goes on. You can spend that money on weapon enhancements. Or, by buying a new weapon, you can confront your enemies more powerfully. How you want to do it is up to you. In the game, you have a surprise prepared for you. There are gifts thrown at you among the enemies. These gifts include weapons enhancements or new weapons. I suggest you don't miss these gifts. By joining this neon adventure world, you can also destroy neon enemies. 
The questions you frequently ask are as follows:
How many games do the Neon Balster 2-game series consist of?
    *Neon Blaster 1, the first game in the series consisting of 2 games.
    *You can play this game from our site if you want.
Can Neon Blaster 2 be played in multiplayer?
    *Unfortunately, this version does not have such a feature.

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