Paper io 2

You play fondly this is game two of the series. The adventure continues. Players ' wishes and favourite features are taken into account prepared the game 2 opens the door to a world full of adventure and competition with wider and more options. As game mechanics, our new game is quite similar to Pac-Man, with the rules in the first game. But graphically it's made more beautiful. in addition, many new characters are offered to your liking. What you have to do is pretty easy. You must expand your kingdom. When you leave your territory, you leave a trail behind. With this mark, you must draw the territory you will add to your kingdom. You can use your mouse to guide your character. You can also kill your opponents by cutting them off. Remember that the same danger applies to you. You can steal from your opponents ' territory. While you're growing your own land, you have to protect it at the same time. You can see how many opponents you've killed and eliminated on the edge of the screen. You can also play in the maze using the new game modes added to the game. You can go faster with high-speed gameplay mode, or if you want more action, you can play on the small map and join in an adventure where you will be closer to your enemies. All this awaits you. Let your friends know because the game is available in multiplayer. You will play online and simultaneously with connected players from different parts of the world. Play with your friends on the same server and double the fun if you like. It is suitable for players of all ages to play as there are no elements of violence involved in the game. And you can play in your schools. Join this endless competition in no time.