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Penguin Diner




Help Penny to get back her home. Penny is a lost penguin and stuck on top of an icy mountain. She needs to get back to her family, but she is broke. Now she is a waitress at a local diner. Help her to earn enough money to get back to the home and her family. Open the diner at morning. Welcome customers and take their orders. When the food is ready, take it from kitchen and serve to customer. But be careful, serve correct food to correct customer. After they finished, take the cash, and clear the table. After closing the diner, buy new shoes, new TVs and new tables for customers. Also, they give you extra abilities.


How to play


When customer arrived on the left, click on the customer, and then choose an available table to seat them. After customer seated wait for them to order. When customer waves, click on the customer and take the order. Take care of the other customer until the order is ready. When it is ready, food appears in the kitchen. Click on the food and take it to the costumer. After customer finishes the food, they left money and dishes. Click on the table and clear the dishes and get money. Repeat it to every customer and be fast. Also, you can upgrade your diner and penguin with the money you collected.




You can upgrade your tables, shoes and tv. You can move faster with upgraded shoes. If you are not quick enough to take orders and serve, upgrade the tv. Tv can distract customers. That means you have more time to serve and take orders. With upgraded tables, you get more tips.


Tips and Tricks

  • You can carry two foods at same time.
  • Put customers to near tables.
  • Don’t forget to collect money.



  • 3 Different diners.
  • Upgradeable abilities.
  • Various customers and orders


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Penguin Diner Mobile


Penguin Diner is available on Android and IOS. Also, you can play it on web browsers.


Left Mouse Button to interact.

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