Powerline io

Welcome to the new game of the tech age. New IO games are added every day. New and highly acclaimed games Powerline.io here we are. One of the most used tools of the technology age is electricity. You will embark on a unique adventure with your character designed using electricity. Recently added great Arcade games. IO is one of the games Slither.io with a lot of similarities Powerline.io your main goal in the game is to survive while you grow and thrive. You will be born on an empty, plain map. Your character is a snake of electricity. You must proceed on the platform, giving direction to this snake. Your character, initially small, will grow up eating the surrounding electrical particles. As the game is presented to you in multiplayer, you will play against Real players who connect online and simultaneously. What you have to do to eliminate your opponents from the game is intercept them. The players you cut in front of are dying. You can extend your height more by taking large and colourful electrical particles that are scattered around. But you must be careful. Because where there's a lot of food, there's a lot of players and there's a lot of fierce battles. Your biggest leverage in the game is going fast. But there's only one way to go fast, and it's very dangerous. When you move closer to the opposing player's character, an electrical bond is formed between you and the closer you go, the faster you move. Use this feature wisely to have the biggest character in the game. Players of all ages can play as there are no violent elements involved. It is suitable for playing in schools. Join you in this exciting colourful adventure before you're too late.