Pull The Pin

Recently, players have shown a great interest in intelligence and puzzle games. The game manufacturers, who are aware of this situation, release a new puzzle game every day and present it to the appreciation of your valuable players. Players like the puzzle games they play by controlling things more. This is a new game that we can show as an example of Pull The Pin. You'll have a pretty simple goal in this game. You will encounter a platform enclosed with iron nails. There are coloured balls inside this platform. At the bottom, you'll see a bucket. Your goal is to take out the iron nails in the right order and get all the coloured balls into this bucket. Unfortunately, some traps will prevent you. The first of these obstacles is bombs. The bombs, which are waiting behind some nails ready to explode, explode when they stand in the same place as the coloured cannons and scatter some of the cannons around. In the game, you lose because you have to put all the balls in the bucket and you play the same part again from the beginning. Another obstacle will be discoloured balls. If you put the discoloured balls in the bucket, those balls explode and you lose. First, you must make the colourless balls coloured. For this, you must collect them in the same place as the other balls. The balls will be coloured when they come into contact. That way you can put it all in the bucket and cross the section. There are no violent elements in the game and players of all ages can play. Remember that you can carry this fun with you. You can play the game from mobile platforms.