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Rocket Punch 2


Rocket Punch 2


Our hero is back for us! Join the Rocket Punch to save the city from the evil ninjas. Rotate and control your punch and smash all the bad guys, save the citizens and the city. But be careful, don’t hit the citizens. In this game you have three punches every level. Don’t waste your punches and try to not miss the targets. Some levels contain punch upgrades and puzzles. Solve them and execute bad ninjas quickly and easier. Also, you can change your look with the coins you get at level ends. Purchase costumes and punches to customize your hero and punch how do you like. Punch the enemies with your unique and powerful punch and save the city.


How to play


Start the game and jump into the first level. You can control and rotate punch with the mouse. You have three punches every level. If you pass by using only one punch, you get three stars and coins. You can buy costumes and punches at store and equip them. Create different combinations with your costumes and punches. Some special levels contain power-up. Drill punch for drill the walls or platforms, explosive punch for damage more enemies. You can crash enemy ninjas to each other and destroy them or you can use environment variables.


Rocket Punch2 Mobile


You can play Rocket Punch2 on your mobile device with analog on your screen.




  • 12 different costumes
  • 8 different punches
  • 96 costume-punch combinations
  • 50 levels and various puzzles
  • Simple analog control


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Hold left mouse button and move your punch

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