Shot Trigger

I want to tell you about a shooting game that I quite like. This game is called Shot Trigger. The difference with other shooting games is that you play the game in one piece without stopping. Your character is running all the time. And while he's running, you guys need to kill the enemies on the road. At first, you might think it was quite difficult. But our character takes a cool tumble when he sees enemies on the road, and the images begin to flow in slow motion. It's easy to shoot your enemies in slow motion mode, and we see scenes that are so cool and film-like. In these scenes, you have to shoot everyone you can. Because your surviving enemies kill you so you can start the game again. The more enemies you kill, the more points you earn and you pass the division. If you want to score more points than your enemies, try targeting their heads. The enemies you kill in this way earn you more points. The gold you earn at the end of the game can be spent at the market. You can buy new weapons and use them by putting them on before the game. Shot Trigger is a game that I think your fans will like. Draw your weapons and embark on an adventure.
The questions you frequently ask are as follows:
Can I play Shot Trigger in multiplayer?
* Unfortunately, there is no such game mode. You have to play the game as a single player. 
Can we switch weapons in the game?
* Sure. You can continue your adventure with new weapons by wearing the weapons you bought at the market.

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