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9 : Snake io game


SLITHER IO is the one of the most popular .io games. Equip one of the various skins on your snake and start the game. Collect colorful orbs and gain size. Try to ambush other players with speed up. Force them to smash into your body then get their orbs. Be the greatest snake in the game and get other players orb by ambushing them. Keep your eyes open, stay sharp. Good luck.


How to play


Like usual classic snake games, eat the orbs and gain size. In, you can move 360 degrees with your mouse movement. Challenge with other players and try to get on the top. Eat the orbs and get bigger but be careful! When you crash other players snake with your head, that means you are dead. After that they eat your orbs. You must ambush them to smash you.


Gain Size


The main logic of the game is getting bigger and being the greatest. Firstly, eat the orbs and get bigger. When you are big enough, try to ambush others with speed up. Let them crush into your snake and eat their orbs. Those orbs make you bigger. You can try to ambush big ones but its not that easy when you are small. Plan your strategy and stay away from the big snakes. Ambush smaller snakes.


Play Tactical


It doesn’t look like a strategy game but must play tactical. Other players can get you into the traps, they can make you crush. You must dodge their attacks. Games gets harder when your snake gets bigger. But you can pursuit other player snakes easy. Don’t waste your speed up for no reason. The more you use speed up the smaller you get.


Customize Your Snake


You can choose one of the various skins in game. If you don’t like any, you can create your own skin and play. Use your imagination and create your unique and custom skin.


Tips and Tricks


  • Be patient
  • Get big enough, don’t attack anyone on beginning
  • Don’t use your speed up often
  • Collect special orbs




  • Millions of players, every match is unique
  • Easy and simple controls
  • Smooth, nice-looking graphics
  • Various and all free skins
  • You can create your own skin Mobile is available for Android and IOS.


Similar Games


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  • Mouse Cursor to move
  • Mouse Button to speed up
  • Right Arrow to turn right
  • Left Arrow to turn left
  • Up Arrow to speed up

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