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Stickdoll 2


Stickdoll 2


Stickdoll 2 is a Stickman game that presents you a lot of adventure about Stickdoll Universe. You are controlling the Fire Kingdoms King, Flame. And your nemesis is a ruined king called Gargle. Gargle wants to collect all the 5 stones and torture 5 worlds. You must get 5 elemental stones before enemy. In 5 different kingdoms, challenge different enemies and a lot of traps. Collect golds and make Flame more powerful.


How to play

At the beginning of the game, you can upgrade your character in the shop. Also, you can upgrade character at every level ends. When you upgrade your character, you can kill your enemies easily. But be careful, your golds being removed when you die. At the combat phase, you must be fast and attentive. You can perform different combos. Kill your enemies and collect the stones.


Tips and Tricks

  • Move fast
  • Be patience
  • Upgrade character every level end
  • Jump higher with combo


Stickdoll 2 Mobile

Mobile players can play Stickdoll2 with touch controls.


More games like this

Vex is the one of the most popular Stickman games. Stickdoll2 is like stickman games but a fight combat added version.



  • Character upgrade.
  • Unique story background.
  • Various enemies, traps and worlds.




How to play Stickdoll 2?

Open Stickdoll2 game on your browser. Click play button and see the story. If you don’t want to see the story you can skip. After that you will she shop. Buy some upgrades and continue. After that you will reach first level. Go through level, kill enemies, escape traps and collect golds.


Can I perform combo?

Yes. You can perform jump + attack combo. You can jump higher and get stunned late.


Is it possible to pass all levels?

Yes. Every level is passable. You must be quick and perform combos. Kill your enemies. But be careful about various worlds and various traps. Every world have an easy way to pass. Be careful and then you can pass all the levels.


WASD or Arrow Keys to move

Spacebar to attack

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