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Super Burger 2




Welcome to the Super Burger 2! Open your burger shop and get the back of to the bench. In this shop, you must put your love into the burgers. Race against time and make the perfect burger for the customers. Make various burgers and get good points from the customers. While you are passing the levels with a good score, you can unlock new burger shops to make new burgers. Super Burger 2 contains two games modes. You can play story mode and unlock the new burger shops and burgers with points. Or you can race against time and see how fast you are. Make as possible burger as you can before time ends.


How to play


When you pressed start button, you will see two different game modes.


Story Mode


When you have chosen the story mode, you will start from the bottom. Start with easy burgers and simple orders. By reaching new levels the game gets harder. Complete the first world and unlock the second world. In second burger shop, you can use special abilities like stopping time and adding time. Complete the two burger shops and be the best burger shop in the world.


Time Attack


It is time to prove you are the best burger shop in the world. Be careful, you are racing against time. Clients will order complicated menus and you must be quick. When you have finished a burger, you will get extra time. Make the burgers as fast as you can and get extra points. Prove your speed and be the best.


Super Burger 2 Mobile

Super Burger 2 is available for mobile. Also, you can download the app on Google Play Store.




  • Unlock special abilities by passing levels
  • Various burgers and ingredients
  • Story mode and two different worlds
  • Time attack for challengers


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Is Super Burger2 a multiplayer game?


Super Burger2 is a single player arcade restaurant game. But you can challenge your friends on time attack mode!


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