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Top Speed Racing 3D




Choose your dream car and be the king of the streets! Top Speed Racing 3D is a free roam driving game includes drift missions, race missions, time attack missions and parkour missions. You can upgrade your car engine, transmission and more. You didn’t like the color of your car? You can customize color, add stickers, camouflage and led lights on your car. Complete various missions and earn money. Buy new cars, customize, and race.


How to play


Play with the car given you on start. You can ride free roam or go into the missions. If you want to buy new cars and customize cars, you have to get money. If you are a drift player, you can challenge on drift missions. You love speed? Race on time attacks and reach to the finish line before time ends. Also, parkour tracks are waiting for you! Use your skills and race all over the world. Unlock new cars and visual updates and create your dream car.




You can upgrade your cars top speed, handling, turbo, tires, transmission, and nitro. You can create a speed monster car. You can make your car look better by customizing rims, Led Lights, paint, glass tint, tuning stance and more. They are all various and available if you purchase them. Create your own car, combine different colors, rims, etc. and be the king of the racers.




There are 4 different race mission types in this game.




Speed up and pull the e-brake. Let your car slide and get points.


Time Attack


Can you reach to the target point before time ends? Don’t stop and race against time. Be the speed.




Jump over high obstacles, dodge giant hammers and more. Complete the track and get points.


Top Speed Racing 3D Mobile

You can play this game on web browser and mobile.



  • Full achievable map
  • Free-roam gameplay
  • Drift, race, time event, parkour races
  • Every vehicle is upgradeable and customizable
  • Various type of cars




Top Speed Racing 3D is multiplayer?


You can play this game single player. It is a single player free roam racing game.


Are all cars and customize things free?


You must complete races and missions for upgrade your cars or new items. When you complete different missions, you get money to buy items and cars. Then you can buy whatever you want and create your own car.


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  • W key or Up Arrow key to gas
  • S key or Down Arrow key to backwards
  • A and D keys or Left and Right keys to steer
  • Shift to nitro
  • Spacebar to handbrake

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