Train Snake

Arcade games continue to be added every day. Pac-Man-like games still manage to attract players ' attention. This game is a new Game, Train Snake, the manufacturers continue to add different themes to these games and now we are faced with a new game. The game was presented to us as quite simple and easy to learn. In the game, you have to control a train by taking on the task of a machinist. I would like to say that this is not as easy as it looks. Because there will be many obstacles in the path of the train you are controlling. These obstacles will meet you as moving and standing obstacles. If you hit an obstacle, you will have to start the section again and cross the obstacles you crossed again. Also, the game Train Snake is quite similar to the old arcade game Snake. This is due to the lengthening of the train as it travels through the section. We grew up eating the food at the Snake game. A different innovation welcomes us here. By the subject, the game allows passengers to grow the train. You will be greeted with stops on the way. Passengers waiting at these stops automatically board the train, and the length of the train increases as the number of passengers increases. It gives the game a different challenge. You have to stop and take action at the necessary moments to avoid obstacles. You will also win gold at the end of each episode in the game. You can use this gold to buy new trains. In some bonus episodes, you will only collect gold. There will be no obstacles in these sections. Take control of the train and get the passengers safely to the final stop. 
The questions you frequently ask are as follows:
What can I do to win extra gold?
* Bonus sections will help you win extra gold. You can win a lot of gold in these parts. 
Can I pick out my new train?
* Unfortunately, no. You need to select new trains with the help of a slot machine.