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TrollFace Quest: Horror 1


TrollFace Quest: Horror 1


Enter to the world of the memes. The classic is back with the new horror series. This game is a classic tap and find what is going on game. In this game you will be trolling the horror movie classics. But those horror games could seem a bit different. They are living in the Trollface world now. And it is your turn now. Every level is a different puzzle. Solve the puzzles and scare them. But do not forget, these puzzles don't have to make sense. Try to solve every puzzle and pass the levels. Challenge with SAW, Frankenstein, Scream, Annabel and more. Troll their movie and show them who is the boss. If you can’t find a way to pass the level, be patient. Do not give up easily.


How to play


In this new series of the Trollface Quest, controls are the same as the usual. You just need to click right objects. Sometimes you have to slide or hold on press. When you clicked objects or characters you will see mini movies playing. If you stuck on a level, you could get hints by the clicking hints button. Enjoy the various levels from iconic horror movies and try to troll them.



  • SAW
  • Scream
  • Anabel
  • Frankenstein
  • Hannibal
  • Paranormal Activity
  • Alien
  • Texas Chainsaw


Trollface Quest: Horror mobile


Trollface Quest: Horror is available for Android and IOS devices. Also, you can play on web browser on mobile or phone.




Is Trollface Quest a horror game?


No, this game is not a horror game. Game doesn’t contain any horror or violence. You can play this game safely.


Is every level passable?


Yes. In the game, some levels seem impossible to pass but you can pass every level. Just click everywhere and be sure you tried everything.


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Trollface Quest is a huge game series. You can play other versions of the Trollface Quest in our site. Every version of the game has unique theme, but the gameplay is same. If you liked Trollface Quest: Horror and you haven’t played other series yet, we suggest you play other versions.


Mouse Click to interact with objects.

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