TrollFace Quest: USA 1

Puzzle games continue to evolve day by day. The girl who loves to produce new games on this subject for you, and the very popular TrollFace Quest: USA 1 game is in front of you. The game initially gives you an American character and places it on a map. What you need to do here is animate interesting scenes using your mouse. For example, you have to open up hidden places in a street and perform the funny events that this character has to go through. As funny as it is fun, this series of games consists of 2 games. After each successful episode, a new character opens and you continue the game with the desired character. There are also different scenes and events prepared for each character. By doing all this you have to open up new characters and have fun with the funny puzzle game. If you are stuck in the game and there are points that you can not find by pressing the tip button on the screen to make it easier to cross-sections. You also have a limited number of clicks within the section. If you fill those rights, you lose the division and you have to play from the start. Join this funny puzzle world and have fun moments.
The questions you frequently ask are as follows:
TrollFace Quest: USA 1 Series consists of how many games?
    *This series consists of 2 games with the same name in total.
Is there anywhere I can get help in the game?
    *Yeah. You can use a limited number of hints by pressing the hint key on the screen.