Vex 3

This is one of the most popular Platform games, a series of games everyone loves to play. Vex 3 has become one of the most popular games of recent periods. It is presented to you like the third game of the popular series. Unlike other Platform games, it has a fairly streamlined gameplay mechanics. And there is a world full of Adventure presented to you with its cleverly designed map. Your main objective in the game is to reach the finish line by moving through the platform filled with obstacles and traps on the map. It's not gonna be easy to patch this up. Because you have to give your character direction to cross challenging tracks and obstacles, and you have to get rid of obstacles that get in your way by making crazy moves. Unlike the games in the same category, you have to make section passes. There is a map given to you to do this. You must get through the obstacles here to the section gate and enter through the door to the adventure. The game is similar to Mario in terms of the subject matter. Our character is trying to get out of the world where he's being held captive. You have to make cool moves and breakthrough obstacles. This way you can save your character from this dangerous world. You have to get through the thorns and the heavy doors that are closing. You'll also find some keys and locked doors on the road. You must continue the game by collecting these. Above the screen, you will see a continuously running stopwatch. That's how quickly you guys finish the game. When you come to the end of the game and go through the magic door, it gives you a point based on the time you finish the game. Try to get the highest score. It will be safer for players over the age of 13 to play the game as bloody images appear when you die in the game. Step into this exciting adventure and save your character from the dangerous world.