Vex 4

Dear players! The game you've been waiting for is now out for you. Vex 4 is the newest game in the Vex series, one of the most beautiful Platform games on the market. The sequel to the previous games of the series and the new edition of the game will take you to the realms of adventure and excitement. The game mechanics and subject matter remain the same as previous games. But renewed maps and new cool moves are waiting for you. One of the innovations added to the game maps is the strings added between the two high peaks. You have to hold on to these ropes to the other side. In doing so, you have to swing and jump in some areas and make dangerous movements. Another innovation is the electric zones. You'll die if you get caught in the yellow electricity circulating in some areas. Also, when this electricity touches the water, you have to stay in the water. Because the water transmits electricity and causes you to die. As you try to reach the finish line and the magical gate, you must collect keys for locked doors and overcome obstacles using those keys. In the game, you will see that some parts of the map are turned off. If you turn on the light in these places, you could die. You have to turn on the light in the allowed time frame to determine your path and cross these regions without dying. As in Vex 3, the Thorns will be your enemy. But the updated moving spines seem to be quite challenging. You have to watch out for these traps. Remember that you can die all you want in the game. Reach the checkpoints and don't have to start over when you die. Players older than 13 years of age are eligible to play as bloody death scenes are included in the game. Join you before you are too late in this adventurous world prepared for you.