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Walking Monsters


Walking Monsters


Everybody loves zombies. But everybody wants to kill them too. In the game you are a farmer who wants to escape from zombies. Zombies surrounded you and your farm. And you must run and kill all the zombies. But not just zombies! You have to kill the flying monsters too before they reach you. With your infinite Magnum gun, kill every monster and save your farm.


How to play

Click tap to play and start the game. Only thing you have to do is shoot the monsters and zombies with your gun. Aim with your mouse and shoot. Be careful, you have three lives. When a monster reaches character, you lose one live. Kill as many monsters as you can before die and pass your high score.


Walking Monsters Mobile

You can play Walking Monsters on your mobile. Use analog stick and press A for shoot.


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Walking Monsters is an endless runner and shooting game. If you would like to play another endless runner shooting game like Walking Monsters, check out for ZOMGies game published by AddictingGames.



Aim with mouse and shoot the target.




Is this game Multiplayer?

Walking Monsters is not a multiplayer game. It is a single player endless runner game.


Can I upgrade my character?

You can’t upgrade your character. This game is a simple High-Score based game. The main objective is killing as many monsters as you can and try to break your record.


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