Yorg io

I think the name of what you have to apply in all games and what makes you win games is strategy. We can give many good examples of Strategy Games, which have been played quite a lot since ancient times and which we often find in new generation games. Strategy games where you defend your castle or city and lead troops are highly appreciated by players. This is the game that has these features and is our favourite Yorg.io here we are. This game may sound complicated at first. Because you won't be playing on the usual maps. You must build a city on a different map, feed it by using resources and defend it against your enemies. The first thing you need to do first is to choose a region with plenty of resources to build your city. You must then set up mines to collect the resources. You can buy some enhancements with the crystals you get from these mines. Using materials, you can build new structures for yourself and improve your technology by increasing your defensive tools and weapons. The most important thing you need to know is monster attacks. When the counter you see on the screen ends, a monster attack will take place and the monsters will try to destroy your city. And they will come stronger with each new level. You have to pay attention to these and strengthen your defence system. You'll grow your city slowly. In doing so, you may face other players, i.e. your opponents. When faced with a situation like this, you have to be ready to battle and defend yourself. There are no elements of violence in the game. Suitable for players of early age. 
The questions you frequently ask are as follows:
Yorg.io can I play your game on mobile platforms?
* Unfortunately, current versions do not have compatibility for mobile platforms. 
Is there a trick to destroy the monsters in the game?
* Protect yourself by improving your city and attack and defence systems.